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This resource page is full of information for your benefit. All downloads are password protected from the general public; the password was emailed to you (the perks of being a Senator!)

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NCAA Eligibility Center  – Click Here 

  • You must register here to be eligible to play D1 or D2 baseball.

The Recruiting Process PDFDownload Here 

  • Contains everything you need to know. Read it!
  • Take the template below and send emails to colleges you’re interested in.

Template Email to a College CoachDownload Here  

  • This is a template written in Microsoft Word (password protected). If you don’t know what to include in an email to a college coach, download this, read it over, and change the information in the email to fit. It’s designed to help you create an informative email to colleges that you’re interested in.

Recruiting Video PlaylistLink Here

  • This YouTube playlist contains all 2017 recruiting videos, in case you need yours. Links are also on your player profile (click the video screenshot).

2017 Senators Recruiting GuideClick Here 

  • This was created for your benefit. Send it to whomever you want.

Article: Four Ways To Get More Attention From Scouts By Dan Blewett – Click Here


All of the below are one-page PDF files that will tell you what you need to know. Print them out and live by them.

Nutrition Guide OverviewDownload Here

  • Want to get bigger? Want to lose weight? This chart has the info you need.

Meal PlanningDownload Here

  • This is crucial! Plan your meals if you want to see results.

Protein Shake Guide Download Here 

  • All about protein, and how to make tasty, healthy shakes.

Article: Why Is My High School Athlete Lifting, But Not Getting Any Bigger? Click Here 

Baseball Knowledge

Twinsies PodcastListen & Subscribe Here

  • Coach Lucas Cook and Dan Blewett host this show, discussing everything baseball, sports performance, nutrition, and life.

Dear Baseball Gods PodcastListen & Subscribe Here

  • Coach Dan Blewett’s podcast sharing stories and wisdom from his professional baseball career.

Bunt Defense ManualDownload Here

  • This explains all common bunt situations with diagrams showing player movement, along with descriptions of the plays and what is expected of each player. Applicable to any level of play with any team.

Warbands Arm Care Program – Download Here

  • Instructions on joining our Warbands Arm Care Program on the Train Heroic App.

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