Founded in 2010, Warbird Academy has grown because of its culture. As more and more baseball players came to Warbird to train, hoping to one day reach their goals, a natural question arose: Can you coach us on the field? Parents and players began asking us if we'd form a team, because they wanted to play for us.

Five years later, we decided it was time. We painstakingly designed our own logos, manuals, and mission statement. We outlined everything we stood for, and what we wanted to teach. We built a website, a social media brand, and wanted a solid foundation for our program to grow.

Finally, the day came, and we announced the birth of the Warbird Senators Baseball Club. Established teams were not happy, and we did not receive the warm welcome for which we had hoped. Even the players we had known for years, the same ones who asked us to start a team, backed away. We had to work to find players to wear our jerseys, but we scraped two teams together.

We made a vow to the players that trusted us to do everything we could to ensure they had the best summer of their lives. As it turned out, we won some games, turned some heads, and fostered a lot of happy players. Parents told other parents, and players told other players, about what being a Warbird Senator meant to them.

As a result, we were inundated with players at our second tryout in 2016. 28 players attended our tryout in 2015. 110 attended in 2016. We expanded from two teams to four, and we had to turn away many excellent athletes. The growing support for our program was very humbling, and to this day we keep the experience of our Warbird Senators families as one of our core focuses.

We exist because we believe that baseball is fun and, when you work hard, develop your skills, and win games, it's even more fun. When your coaches pull for you, care for you, respect you, and vouch for you, baseball dreams become reality.

We feel that it's a privilege to wear a Warbird Senators jersey and, for our staff, it's a privilege to coach exceptional young men and be an extended member of so many wonderful families. The Warbird Senators family is still growing, and we hope that we can be a part of your future.