College Recruiting

Hello, College Coaches and Pro Scouts!

Our goal is to make it easy for you to get the information you need on our players. We have numerous players who will move on to college and pro baseball, and our mission is to help prep them for that jump.

Downloadable pdf schedules

roster page

Each Player Profile Contains:  

  • Hitting and pitching videos (if applicable)
  • Academic, family, grad year
  • Contact info.

player Recruiting Guide

We put together all of the relevant info on our players that a recruiter would need in a PDF, ready for printing or digital browsing.

The Player Recruiting Guide contains:

  • Team Schedules
  • Clickable video links
  • Master Contact List
  • Pages sorting ALL players by Bat Speed, Pitching Velocity, and 60yd time
  • A profile on every player
  • All relevant scouting stats (velocities, etc.) and academic info
  • It’s printable, to take with you to the field.  Or, save it and browse digitally.

View and/or Download the full Recruiting Guide – CLICK HERE 

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